Josiah Christian School - Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."  Matthew 19:14
Themes 2015/2016

Li, Tt, Ii (Llama Llama, If you give a moose a muffin, One tiny turtle)
circle, blue, #1, 7, and 4.

Lions den, Ten rules to live by, Birth of Isaac, temple for God

Oo, Aa, Ff (Owl babies, Alexander and the horrible terrible bad day, fancy nancy, olivia)
Square, red, #9,2,0

adam and eve, fiery furnace, God calls Abraham.

Pp, Ee, Qq (Paddington, Eloise, Quiet night, the Poky Puppy)
Triangle, orange, #5,3,6

God hears my prayers, god speaks to Elijah, queen Esther, escape from Egypt.

Cc,Dd,Hh (chicka chicka boom boom, the day the crayons quit, Harry and the dirty dog, Harold and the purple crayon)
rectangle, brown, #8,10

God the magnificent creator, david's best friend, Jesus heals the blind, heavenly homes.  

Jj, Gg (Jesus, gingerbread)
star, green, #0-5

born in a manger

Mm, Bb, Uu (Mouse paint, Babaar, ugly duckling, )
Cresent, white, #6-10

Mary and Martha, balaam and his donkey, baby Moses, Bartimaeus sees Jesus.

Vv,Zz,Kk (growing veggie soup, zoom at sea, the kissing hand, giraffes can't dance)
heart, pink, #11-13

king Josiah, king david, kings Solomon, Zacchaeus

Ss,Xx,Rr (stella luna, rainbow fish, a bad case of stripes)
oval, yellow, #14-16

baby Samuel, Ruth follows God, parable of the sunflower, Samson's great strength

Nn,Yy,Ww (the napping house, you, who will tuck me in at night, noisy nora)
Diamond, purple, #17-19

Noah obey God, Noah's big job, All for Jesus.

Review (jamberry, if you give a mouse a cookie)

the wise and foolish builders, Jesus feeds the five thousand, cheerful giving

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